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The History of the Development

Already while practicing in school, the developer of the music stand Isolde Ruck noticed that practicing on the grand piano had sound advantages and that one could better prepare for lessons and performances under professional conditions.
However, there was the decisive disadvantage compared to the piano that the sheet music had to be placed much higher on a desk than on the piano, making it even more difficult to practice on the piano. As an unpleasant side effect, neck and shoulder tension set in during longer practice phases from the constant looking up. Piano players of short stature, such as children of elementary school age, were always at a particular disadvantage.

Initially, a desk was developed that placed the music sheets at a fixed distance below the level of the grand piano lid. However, this desk could not yet be fixed in height. Isolde Rucks’ teacher at the Zurich Conservatory at the time, the Uruguayan-born pianist Homero Francesch, was nevertheless immediately willing to be a professional godfather for the desk, because according to his motto “Even great pianists have to practice!” it certainly offered an improvement on the basic situation.

It was not until many years later in the new century that the opportunity arose to work on improving and developing the console. With the help of creative minds in the immediate environment of the family, a new idea was born and patented, which offers both functions combined in one mechanism: To correct the angle and the height of the sheet music at the same time.

Even in its original version, the music stand was an instrument accessory made 100% in Germany in all parts. All trades are located in the Rhineland. This is how it should remain in the future, because now finally a functionally improved successor product in the 2nd generation of the developer family has found its way into the music world.

The generation of ambassadors has also been renewed: today it is the Chinese pianist and festival director Haiou Zhang. His motto is now: “A Must for every Grand User!”…

Isolde Ruck am PIANOFIT® Premium

Isolde Ruck am PIANOFIT® Premium

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