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Frequently asked questions…

1. What is the new Pianofit Premium? The new Pianofit Premium is a patented and trademarked music stand for grand pianos that brings notes closer to the keys.
2. Who are the Pianofit music stands designed for? We are addressing our invention to all grand piano users.
3. Are there similar products? We offer the DUO music stand, which has a simple folding mechanism and is wider than the Pianofit Premium.
4. Where can I get Pianofit products? In order to keep the prices as low as possible for our customers, we sell directly from our factory.
5. Where are Pianofit music stands manufactured? All products of the manufactory are exclusively Made in Germany in all parts as well as in the assembly.
6. Where does Pianofit deliver to? We deliver to more than 90 countries worldwide.
7. How does Pianofit deliver? We deliver in reusable special packaging and insured exclusively by UPS. By the way, in the Düsseldorf area we deliver free of charge.
8. What are the current delivery times? The delivery times are currently about 6 weeks from the receipt of the advance payment.
9. How can I order? You can order by mail or by phone. You will receive an order confirmation from us with all costs incurred.
10. How can I get advice? Feel free to call us at landline no. 0049 211 91312894 or mobile 00491722435156 (also WeChat+WhatsApp) or send an Email to arrange a consultation appointment with us.
11. How can I pay? You can pay in advance by bank transfer.


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